Aislyn Chronicles: Killed the Alpha Scene

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Werewolf by Teyoliia

I heard a familiar voice break the silence of my dark house.

“Go away, or so help me I will get the vacuum out.”

The resulting growl was all the response I needed to know that I had hit the nerve I was looking for. Without opening my eyes, I turned over in bed and put the extra pillow over my head. There was a blissful amount of nothing for a few moments, until I felt a weight on the mattress.

“NO. No dogs on the bed. Go home, I don’t like strays in the house. They smell.”

Well, that did it. Implying that a shapeshifter smelled was just about the biggest no-no in the ‘How to Handle Your Fearsome Furry Friends’ handbook. A painfully loud snarl ripped through the room, and before I could block the inevitable pounce, I was swept off the bed, and pinned to the floor.

All I saw when I looked up was devastatingly blue eyes. Well that was bad. Reid’s eyes were naturally dark brown.

“I do NOT smell.” He growled out from between clenched teeth.

With a roll of my eyes and a shrug, I sighed, “So sorry. The musk could have fooled me. Is it mating season in the Canis Tribe?”

His teeth snapped less than an inch from my jugular. Despite the fact that he was still in control, and still in human form, this sudden outburst wasn’t like him.

“Touchy tonight aren’t we?”

When he brought his eyes back up to meet mine, there was a strange light in them I didn’t recognize. Something I had never seen from a shapeshifter, let alone from the Beta of a tribe. His voice cracked as he spoke, “They killed the Alpha. They killed my mother.”

Words: 305
Characters: 1269

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